Hydraulic winches

Hydraulic winches BWF Hydraulic winches BWF


Product code: 5475

maximum tractive effort: 7500 kg

Hydraulic winches BWR, WSL and WPL Hydraulic winches BWR, WSL and WPL


Product code: 5474

maximum tractive effort: 16000 kg

Hydraulic winches BWT Hydraulic winches BWT


Product code: 5473

maximum tractive effort: 30000 kg

Hydraulic winches DW Hydraulic winches DW


Product code: 5472

maximum tractive effort: 900 kg

Hydraulic winches EGO Hydraulic winches EGO


Product code: 5471

maximum tractive effort: 5500 kg

Hydraulic winches RAPTOR Hydraulic winches RAPTOR


Product code: 5468

maximum tractive effort: 7600 kg

Hydraulic winches WBL Hydraulic winches WBL


Product code: 5465

maximum tractive effort: 5450 kg

Hydraulic winches PWD Hydraulic winches PWD


Product code: 5470

maximum torque: 70000 N⋅m

Hydraulic winches SLW Hydraulic winches SLW


Product code: 5467

maximum torque: 190000 N⋅m

Hydraulic winches SMW Hydraulic winches SMW


Product code: 5466

maximum torque: 850000 N⋅m

Hydraulic winch

Hydraulic winch – a device, the design of which includes a hydraulic motor that transmits force through a planetary gear to a cable drum, a multi-disc brake, high-pressure hydraulic hoses and bypass valves that protect against overloads.

Where are hydraulic winches used?

Hydraulic winches are distinguished by high power and reliability, they are able to create traction forces in stationary and mobile equipment weighing from 2 to 30 tons or more. It is for this reason that they are applicable in various fields, for example:

  • on vessels when mooring, as well as boats, boats, including fishing boats;
  • for SUVs and tow trucks in order to quickly and safely load the car onto the platform;
  • for cars, the power steering pump drives the winch hydraulic motor, which is more reliable than electric.

Many car owners who are fond of cross-country trips or racing prefer to buy a hydraulic winch to pull the car out of the mud, swamp, snowdrift on their own. This is also true for ATVs.

What are the advantages of hydraulic winches?

This type of units is able to withstand higher traction loads than electric winches of similar power. They are mainly applicable for pulling up the load, as well as its vertical lifting.

The main arguments in favor of buying a hydraulic winch:

  • The strength and reliability of the design – guarantee of wear resistance and durability of the unit.
  • A completely sealed case, which means that such a device can be used in any conditions, including underwater.
  • Ability to work under heavy loads, resistance to overload due to several protection systems.
  • High traction and optimum power
  • Compact and light weight of the device, which facilitates its installation on any chassis.
  • Capital noiselessness and absolute smoothness of operation.
  • Easy to maintain and manage.

Features of hydraulic winch operation

If you want a hydraulic winch to serve for a long time, you should not neglect the elementary rules of its operation. In particular, maintenance – timely oil change. In new equipment, it must be replaced after 40 hours of production, and then – four times a year, that is, every season. Such recommendations are relevant for those devices that are designed for intensive use.

When it comes to installing a hydraulic winch on a tractor, it is important to pay attention to the fact that in conditions of elevated temperatures and long-term operation, it needs additional cooling. It is worth taking care of its additional equipment with a heat exchanger. It is important in the maintenance of such a unit to regularly lubricate the metal cable. So you protect it from corrosion and prevent a decrease in smoothness.

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