Pressure multipliers

Pressure multipliers type HC Pressure multipliers type HC


Product code: 1254

pressure multipliers are used when it is necessary to supply the working fluid with very high pressure (up to 2000 bar)


Multiplicator is a hydraulic mechanism designed to multiply the pressure of the working fluid in the fed part of the hydraulic system.  It can contains one hydro cylinder (one-way multiplier), two (two-way multiplier) or several hydraulic cylinders.

Pressure multiplicator starts working when hydraulic system has necessary for a high pressure fluid supply.

Principle work of multiplicators

The multipliers, making reciprocating movements, transform the inlet pressure into a higher outlet pressure. The flow rate of the working fluid and the pressure of the amplifier depend on the gain, and the flow rate depends on the viscosity of the working fluid.

Application of multiplicator

Multiplicators can be used in any hydraulic systems without construction changes. Multiplicator is installed in the pressure line in front of the actuator or built into a hydraulic station

MiniBOOSTER multiplicators

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