Servo cylinders

Servocylinders CK Servocylinders CK


Product code: 1075

maximum working stroke: 3000 mm

maximum piston diameter: 200 mm

maximum rod diameter: 140 mm

maximum working pressure: 250 bar

Servo cylinders

"Motorimpex" company is leader in sailing different types of hydraulic equipment and offers you cervo cylinders and  repair kits from world famous brand Atos.  

Cervo cylinder is final element in hydraulic system. Technical characteristics and high manufacturing quality determine the ability of the hydraulic system to perform its functions as efficiently as possible. Cervo cylinder which are presented on our website are certificated by Atos and guarantee you a long term of use.


built-in or separately located electronic unit  provides coordination with the operating system, stability of the control current in the magnet winding regardless of its heating and voltage fluctuations in the network, proportional dependence of the control current on the input signal, coordination with low-power control devices and standard buses (CAN-bus, Profibus, etc.), the possibility of a linear increase in the control current for a time of 0.1 ... 5 s with a step input signal (ramp), regulation of the oscillation amplitude and setting the initial current (zero setting), as well as direct connection of driving resistors.

Servo cylinders application

Cervo cylinders are widely used in:

  • heavy industry;
  • presses;
  • machine tools;
  • automatic lines;
  • test benches and simulators;
  • in the paper industry;
  • lifting and transport equipment;
  • hydraulic structures.