Cardan drive shafts (CDS)

Cardan drive shafts VK19 Cardan drive shafts VK19


Product code: 6411

for MAZ trucks

maximum continuous torque: 588 N∙m

maximum power at 1000 rpm: 62 kW

Cardan drive shafts VK40 Cardan drive shafts VK40


Product code: 6412

for trucks with ZF gearbox

maximum continuous torque: 600 N∙m

maximum power at 1000 rpm: 64 kW

Cardan drive shafts (CDS, PTO shafts) is a mechanism that transfers power from a truck, dump truck, or tractor engine to an attached equipment.

It works in several modes: dependent, independent, semi-independent and synchronous. A multi-mode shaft is often used, the rotational speed of which is regulated by stepped and continuously variable transmissions.

The power take-off shaft usually works in tandem with the power take-off (PTO) — when turned on, it engages with the shaft and transfers engine power to other components. However, the PTO can also be connected directly to hydraulic pumps, depending on the type of installation desired.

CDS's can only be properly matched to the work load. The Motorimpex Group of Companies supplies original power take-off shafts from leading equipment manufacturers "Aber" and "Kazel" for trucks, tractors, dump trucks and other types of equipment.