Motorimpex company participated at "Weapon and Security-2018" Exhibition

Стенд компании «МОТОРИМПЕКС» на выставке «ОРУЖИЕ И БЕЗОПАСНОСТЬ 2018»

Motorimpex company particpated in 15th national spesialized "Weapon and safety-2018" which took place in National exhibition center in Kyiv city from 9 to 12 Oktober 2018.

Weapon manufacturing is one of the important segments of Ukrainian industry at the moment, which allows to provide safety and comfort terms in living in Ukraine.

This exhibition allows to show modern achievements in manufacturing war technique, to exchange with knowledges about moderasing and developing ideas, and also introduce and unite technical specialists in the field of design, implementation and supply of components.

Among the components of hydraulic equipment for military mobile equipment at our stand we presented. 

— oil heat-exchangers with installed tank and filter made by "OMT";

— hand pumps with reservoir and directional control valves from "Badestnost";

— gear pumps from "Vivoil" and "Kazel";

— compact hydraulic power units and mobile filtering units our own production;

— hydroaccumulators by "Epoll";

— hydraulic filters from "MPFiltri";

— hydromotors made by "M+S Hydraulic";

— hydraulic valves by "Oleodinamica Marchesini";

— diagnostic equipment and control-measure technic "Hydac";

— components for the manufacture of hydraulic power units;

— hydraulic system with proportional control of the turret tank developed by our own design bureau and implemented in production. Which all visitors could try in action on a demonstration layout.

We were glad to communicate with defense complex of Ukraine, to share useful information about hydraulic novelties and discuss the practical use in self-propelled vehicles and military equipment mechanics in hydraulic field.


Компания «МОТОРИМПЕКС» | Гидравлика | Гидрооборудование

Гидронасосы Vivoil | Линейка насосов Vivolo от «МОТОРИМПЕКС»| Гидравлика

Гидромотор M+S Hydraulic | Героторные моторы от «МОТОРИМПЕКС» | Гидрооборудование

Гидравлическая система пропорционального управления башней танка | Производство «МОТОРИМПЕКС»

Компания «МОТОРИМПЕКС» приняла участие в выставке «ОРУЖИЕ И БЕЗОПАСНОСТЬ 2018»

Компания «МОТОРИМПЕКС» принимала участие в выставке «ОРУЖИЕ И БЕЗОПАСНОСТЬ 2018»