We invite you to "AGRO-2019" exhibition from 4 to 7 June

We invite you to AGRO-2019 exhibition from 4 to 7 June

Holding place:

NC "Expocenter of Ukraine" — Kiev, Akademika Glushkova ave., 1 (VDNH)

— The main stand of Motorimpex along the 7th pavilion (B29),

— Customer service between the 6th and 8th pavilions (F29).

Why are you invited?

Personal communication strengthens relations between partners, regardless of the scope and type of activity of companies.

Representatives of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine, as well as representatives of those areas that are in close collaboration with farmers, gather at the annual "Agro-2019" International Exhibition.

We once again take part in "Agro-2019", supplying hydraulic equipment for more than 20 years, in particular to various types of agricultural machinery: hydraulic pumps, metering pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic control valves, hydraulic valves, hydraulic accumulators and joysticks, as well as mini hydraulic power units  manufactured by us, motor groups and hydraulic cylinders.


"Motorimpex" company at "Agro-2018"

What for?

We want to provide the maximum possible number of interested parties with components and development of individual hydraulic systems for the necessary parameters of both mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment. Each time we prove this with positive feedback from different areas of industry in Ukraine, repeated appeals and an increase in the development indicators of our partners.

In addition to the classic equipment, at our stands we present new components in the field of hydraulics, as well as new products of our own production — a line of modernized mobile filtering units (MFU), which serve to clean hydraulic oils from contaminants when refueling the hydraulic system or to extend the durability of those already in operation hydraulic systems due to oil filtration.

Support "24/7/365 Non-Stop" 

Hydraulic systems need regular maintenance, therefore, in order to maintain them in good condition, you can contact our hydraulics service at any time.

At Agro-2019 from 4 to 7 June our service engineers will present you mobile service equipment between the 6th and 8th pavilions of VDNH (near the fountain).


Communication with our hydraulic and design engineers and leaders at "Agro-2019" allows you to ask any issues about hydraulics, without leaving the stands to receive the necessary individual calculations of the hydraulic drive, recommendations for the maintenance and diagnostics of hydraulic systems, as well as agree on special dates for deliveries or production, after-sales service and the development of new solutions for your projects.

We will be happy to communicate and offer the best solution!

"Motorimpex" stands at "Agro-2019"

How it was last year at "Agro-2018"