Motorimpex hydraulic equipment at the "Woodworking-2019" exhibition

Motorimpex hydraulic equipment at the Woodworking-2019 exhibition

From 14 to 17 May in Lviv city the "Woodworking-2019" national specialized exhibition took place. Here leading companies presented their tools and equipment for forestry, woodworking and furniture industries.

The "Motorimpex" company also belongs to them. For 10 years it has been supplying hydraulic components of European manufacturers for machines and machine tools working in the woodworking industry.

"Motorimpex" offers hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, cylinders, directional control valves, filters, accessories and hoses for crushing equipment, woodchip presses, pellet and briquette production lines and other equipment.

At our stand we presented necessary components of hydraulic drives, which are used in woodworking, control-measuring technique for hydraulic systems and manufacturing novelty — mini mobile filtering unit (MMFU), which is used to fill oil systems. Model with recommended  cleaned hydraulic system volume of up to 50 liters.

In addition to importing hydraulics, since 2010 our company has been designing, constructing and manufacturing oil-filling stations according to customer's technical requirements at our woodworking enterprises, our hydraulic stations are installed in wood-preserving bathtubs, on sawing lines, on "living bottom" systems for fuel depots, and a number of both standard and special systems are used.

A wide variety of hydraulic equipment from MPFiltri, Ponar, Epoll, Hydac, Oleodinamica Marchesini, Badestnost, M + S Hydraulic, Vivoil and others allows realizing complex projects from small compact mini hydraulic power units to large hydraulic systems with a tank volume of 4000-6000 l.

Thanks to the communication of hydraulic engineers with participants and visitors of the exhibition, we managed to maximize the necessary solutions for using hydraulics in woodworking and to find out the news of the forest industry in order to take this into account in future projects.


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