Online hydraulic engineers — Motorimpex group of companies mode in the quarantine

Dear partners! Thank you for the long and fruitful relations between our enterprises.

We continue to fulfill received orders and deliver goods in stock at Motorimpex Trading company.

Unfortunately, there are difficulties in the delivery of goods due to restrictions on the movement of vehicles and people. We are forced to review the delivery time of goods under the order, and additionally report on the possibility of such orders.

Delivery time can be adjusted depending on changes in the situation in Ukraine and in the world. We will promptly notify you of any changes in the status of the execution of orders.

Our team of engineers continues to work on ongoing projects and accepts new ones online. Message and call us from 9:00 to 18:00 Mon-Fri.

We hope that the difficult economic and epidemiological circumstances will not affect the economic activities of your company and our further fruitful relations.

Good health to you and the team!