Hydraulic for shipping from "Motorimpex" at exhebition "Shipbuilding-2019" exhebition

Hydraulic for shipping from 'Motorimpe'at exhibition 'Shipbuilding-2019'


The presented hydraulic equipment installed on Ukrainian made vessels at "Shipbuilding and water transport-2019". The exhibition took place on the territory of the Nibulon shipyard in the Nikolaev city.

In the photo report hydraulic components were shown. This components are used by "Motorimpex" Production Enterprise in the production of hydraulic systems, as well as off-the-shelf solution:

— hydraulic power unit used in automatic line of roll forming mills,

— motor-pump group (MPG) with gear pump,

— two models of mobile filtering units (MFU): MFU-mini with recommended oil volume for cleaning up to 100 liters and MFU1 — up to 1000 liters.


Developments of the 'Motorimpex' Design Bureau, embodied in our own Production Enterprise

Hydraulics from 'Motorimpex' at the exhibition 'Shipbuilding-2019'

Hydraulic valves 'Oleodinamica Marchesini' from 'Motorimpex'

Connecting fittings for hydraulics from 'Motorimpex'

Mobile Filtration Unit MFU1 from the 'Motorimpex' Production Enterprise

Mobile Filtration Unit MFU1 from the 'Motorimpex' Production Enterprise — View 2

Diagnostic system for hydraulic oils FCU from 'Motorimpex'

Control and measuring equipment for hydraulics from 'Motorimpex'

Hydraulic power unit for an automatic line of roll-forming mills from the 'Motorimpex' Production Enterprise

Hydraulic equipment of the hydraulic power unit manufactured by 'Motorimpex' Production Enterprise

Mini-MFU — works in systems with a working fluid volume up to 100 liters

Motor-pump group (MPG) with a gear hydraulic pump from 'Motorimpex'

Gerotor and axial piston motors from 'Motorimpex'

Directional control valves manufactured by 'Ponar' from 'Motorimpex'

Filters and filter elements for hydraulic oils from 'Motorimpex'

MFU1 with a filter of increased dirt-holding capacity produced by 'Motorimpex' Production Enterprise

Diaphragm and balloon accumulators with a charging device from 'Motorimpex'

Proportional directional valve DHZO manufactured by 'Atos' from 'Motorimpex'

Gear flow divider by the manufacturer 'Vivoil' from 'Motorimpex'

Coupling with an elastic element (spider) of the manufacturer 'MP Filtri' from 'Motorimpex'

Filling caps and breather filters for hydraulic power units from 'Motorimpex'

Mounting adapters Serv-Clip for hydraulic systems from 'Motorimpex'

Visual flowmeter for hydraulic systems from 'Motorimpex'

Visual LVA and visual-electric LVK oil indicators by the manufacturer 'MP Filtri' from 'Motorimpex'

Visual oil indicator from 'Motorimpex'

Thermostat for the hydraulic power unit from 'Motorimpex'