We offer hydraulic for municipal equipment at the exhibition “Comuntech-2019“

We selected and offered hydraulic equipment for municipal vehicles at the “KomunTech-2019” exhibition from November 5 to 7 in Kiev.

Hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, filters, valves, fuel tanks, hydraulic accumulators, frequency converter for hydraulic systems according to required output parameters, each visitor was offered a suitable model from the presented categories of equipment.

We took the design of full-fledged hydraulic systems into operation — "Motorimpex" design bureau will develop individual off-the-shelf solutions and transfer them to the Production Enterprise for implementation.

Motorimpex group of companies seventh year is a participant in this specialized exhibition.

For three days a group of hydraulic engineers met more than 50 partners and talked to 135 new interested customers

Гидрооборудования для коммунальной техники от «Моторимпекс»

Инженеры-гидравлики группы компаний «Моторимпекс»

Частотный преобразователь для гидросистем от «Моторимпекс»

Гидравлический блок производства ПП «Моторимпекс»

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