"Motorimpex" participated at "AGROEXPO-2018" exhibition

Стенд «МОТОРИМПЕКС» на выставке «AGROEXPO-2018» | Гидравлика | Гидрооборудование

In Kropyvnytskyi city from 26 to 29 September VI National agro-industrial exhibition took place. It entered the top ten largest exhibitions and gathered many representatives of the agriculture sector.

Large-scale events were held with a field demonstration of agricultural machinery as well as conferences dedicated to the development of mechanical engineering and the agro-industrial complex in Ukraine

Motorimpex company, which is the first supplier of hydraulic equipment for agricultural machinery, as well as a manufacturer of hydraulic power units and other units in their field of hydraulics, participated in the exhibition.

There was represented new advanced equipment for agrotechnic from world famous manufacturers like Oleodinamica Marchesini, Badestnost, M+S Hydraulic, Vivoil, Ponar, Epoll etc.

We managed to talk to many representatives of the agricultural sector, to share a piece of useful information about technical novelties in hydraulic field for agricultural technic.

At our stand we presented the following hydraulic equipment for agricultural technique (tractors, harvesters etc.):

— Directional control valves and diverters Badestnost;

— Hydraulic motors M+S Hydraulic;

— Hydraulic pumps Vivoil;

— Valves Oleodinamica Marchesini;

— Hydraulic filters MPFiltri;

— Mobile filtering units (MFU) — manufacturing novelties

— Hydraulic service equipment components (diagnostic systems FCU; multi-measuring HMG devices; working liquid dehydration systems FAM);

— Hydraulic components for assembly of hydraulic power units.

Thanks to the work of our specialists at the exhibition, we managed to convey new information on the latest technological innovations in the field of hydraulics for agricultural machinery to many representatives of the agricultural sector.

Holding such events allows not only to share the experience but also to learn the latest news about the development of agricultural production, to communicate with our regular customers and to find new potential partners, helping to jointly identify new solutions for the development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine.

Гидронасосы Vivoil | «МОТОРИМПЕКС» на «AGROEXPO-2018» | Насос Vivolo | Гидравлика

Гидрораспределитель Badestnost | «МОТОРИМПЕКС» на «AGROEXPO-2018» | Распределители | Гидравлика

Гидромотор M+S Hydraulic | «МОТОРИМПЕКС» на «AGROEXPO-2018» | Героторные моторы | Гидравлика

Гидрораспределитель | Дивертор | Badestnost | «МОТОРИМПЕКС» на «AGROEXPO-2018» | Гидравлика

Гидроклапаны Oleodinamica Marchesini | «МОТОРИМПЕКС» на «AGROEXPO-2018» | Клапаны | Гидравлика

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