"Motorimpex company will take part on 17th industrial forum"

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Motorimpex company hydraulic equipment will be presented from 20 to 23 November on the 17th National industrial forum. This event is closing 2018 exhibition season. At that time you will be able to familiarize with modern hydraulic equipment for industrial and mobile technique.

Invite you to our special stand A-11 in pavilion №3 (enter 3C) at National specialized "Hydraulic. Pneumatic" exhibition in the framework of the forum. You will see all necessary components for modern hydraulic systems:

  • gear, vane and axial-piston hydraulic pumps;
  • gear, axial-piston and gerotor hydraulic motors;
  • flow dividers;
  • butt and pipe mounting hydraulic dividers;
  • suction, in line and return filters;
  • suction, pressure and drain filters;
  • components for manufacturing of power packs and mini hydraulic power units both separately and assembled on the layout of the hydroelectric station.

Among the equipment are also presented:

  • production novelties - mobile filtering units (MFU) for working fluids;
  • Hydac's line of instrumentation for monitoring hydraulic system parameters (FCU fluid diagnostic systems; HMG mult measuring devices; pressure sensors, etc.).

Among the brands there are leading manufacturers of hydraulic pumps "Vivoil", "Casappa" and "Kazel", hydraulic motors "M+S Hydraulic", hydraulic valves – "Oleodinamica Marchesini", directional control valves by "Ponar" and "Badestnost", hydraulic accumulators "Epoll"; "MPFiltri" filters etc.

Our best hydraulic and design engineers will be at the stand, with them you will discuss technical solutions and issues of interest for using hydraulic equipment, get acquainted with the latest achievements and trends in the field of hydraulics, discuss special offers for deliveries and production of hydraulic equipment, as well as at provision of services.

Exact coordinates of the MPF-2018


Ukraine, Kharkiv city, National exhibition center (NEC), Bovarski ave, 15, metro "left bank"

Motorimpex stand A-11 in pavilion №3 (enter 3C)

Компания «МОТОРИМПЕКС» примет участие на 17-м Международном промышленном форуме

For details call or message us:

+38 (095) 000-30-10, +38 (097) 085-80-80 – Viber, Telegram, m-impex@m-impex.com.ua

We’ll be happy to see you!


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