Hydralic power units are new manufactured projects of "Motorimpex" desing bureau

The next hydraulic stations were successfully manufactured according to the designs of the "Motorimpex" design bureau at its production facilities.

We present to your attention the first part of the selection of photos of our autumn projects, which have already replenished the gallery of the company.

Hydraulic power unit CMI-519


Маслостанция СМИ-519 производства компании «Моторимпекс»

Вид на маслоохладитель гидростанции СМИ-519 | Моторимпекс


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Hydraulic power units made by us are designed according to the client’s technical specifications for the required characteristics.

You can fully determine the design features of the hydraulic power unit:

  • stationary type or mobile on a wheeled chassis;
  • selection of the tank of the required volume and form factor, coloring according to preference (default RAL5010);
  • necessary for the location of the pump-motor groups on the tank, underneath or from the side;
  • individual design of mounting plates;
  • use of multipliers;
  • clarification of operating conditions, which may affect the necessary to install protective casing (e.g. from precipitation), selection of a wheeled chassis, etc.

Hydraulic power unit MI-815


Маслостанция МИ-815 производства компании «Моторимпекс»  Гидростанция МИ-815 с двумя насосно-моторными группами | Моторимпекс

Гидрораспределитель на монтажной плите гидростанции МИ-815 | Моторимпекс


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In our latest projects, the following were installed on hydraulic units:

  • pressure valves, flow controls, drossels and manifolds by "Oleodinamica Marchesini";
  • hydraulic filters, pollution indicators, fillers, oil level indicators,  bell housing and coupling "MPFiltri"
  • directional control valves "Ponar" and "Oleodinamica Mozioni"
  • hydraulic pumps "Oleodinamica Mozioni";
  • pressure relays "Atos"
  • ball valves "Gemels"
  • heat exchangers and temperature switches "OMT"

Hydraulic power unit CMI-1095


Маслостанция СМИ-1095 производства компании «Моторимпекс»  Гидравлическая станция СМИ-1095 производства компании «Моторимпекс»


All pictures of CMI-1095


If you have difficulties in the calculation of characteristics and the choice of components for hydraulic equipment, our design engineers will pick up, calculate and offer you the best solution, which will be embodied as quickly as possible in the form of a full-fledged hydraulic system.

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