Hydraulic power unit for punch press

Hydraulic power unit for punch press from 'Motorimpex' Production Enterprise


The second hydraulic power unit, which together with us received visitors at the International Industrial Forum 2020 — MI-1717.

Power pack МІ-1717 drives the punch press.

Main technical characteristics:

— Working pressure: 165 bar;

— Pump consumption: 11 l/min;

— Power of electric engine: 4 kW;

— Volume of hydraulic tank: 100 l.

"Motorimpex" Design Bureau and Production Enterprise spent 12 working days on the developed and manufactured of the hydraulic power unit.

The speed of power unit production was ensured by the availability of the necessary equipment at the warehouse of the "Motorimpex" Trading Company:

— gear pump from "Vivoil",

— heat exchanger: "ОМТ",

— bladder accumulator: "Epoll",

— directional control valves, hydraulic valves, mounting plate, block of bladder accumulator and pressure gauge switch: "Ponar",

— pressure switch: "Atos",

— return filter, clogging indicators, bell, coupling, level switch, filler cap and oil level indicator: "MP Filtri".

Power pack MI type are certificated, and meet the requirements DSTU EN ISO 4413:2014.



See photo of hydraulic power unit МІ-1717