Hydraulic power unit MI-1130 — video review of the released equipment

We designed and manufactured a hydraulic power unit with an electric cabinet and a control panel for opening and closing the hold hatches of a self-propelled floating crane. The hydroelectric station fully complies with the regulations of the Maritime Register of Shipping of Ukraine (more).

The hydraulic station is part of the ship’s hydraulic drive along with double-acting power cylinders, high-pressure hoses and pipe wiring, which are installed by the specialists of the Motorimpex hydraulic service; (on the compliance of ISO 9001: 2015).

Pressure rating: 320 bar.

Supply voltage of electric motors: 380 V.

The main components:

— 4WMM10 hydraulic directional control valves, Z2FS10 throssels and DBDS relief valves from the Ponar manufacturer,

— gear hydraulic pumps IGP5 by “Duplomatic”,

— electric motors HMC2 from “Hoyer”,

— hand pump PRB12 by “Badestnost”,

— manifolds from “Motorimpex”,

— check valves VU, VBCD DE brake valves and VRFB throttles from Oleodinamica Marchesini,

— return filter MPF, filler TA80, level indicator LVA30 and oil level relay IEG, connecting kits (LMC400 brackets on which hydraulic pumps are mounted, and SGEA51 couplings for their connection with an electric motor) from “MP Filtri”,

— ST10 flow dividers from "Hydac",

— ball valves PK3 from "MNA",

— PK5521 pressure switch from "IFM".


Video review of the power pack in the work on the ship «Nibulon Max»