Hydraulic power unit «МІ-1167» to hydroenergetics from Motorimpex

Hydraulic power unit «МІ-1167» to hydroenergetics from Motorimpex


We produced the next hydraulic power unit type «MI-1167» is used to move the guiding apparatus of a hydraulic turbine.

The development and design of the power pack by the «Motorimpex» design bureau took 4 working days.

Pressure rating: 140 bar.

Tank volume: 22 liters.

The necessary hydraulic equipment in stock at the warehouse of the «Motorimpex» trading company made it possible to quickly implement the project with the production enterprise of the same name.

HHydraulic components from European manufacturers:

— electromagnetic directional control valves, hydraulic locks and plate-mounted chokes from the manufacturer "Oleodinamica Mozioni",

— mounting plate for them, pipe mounting throssels — “Oleodinamica Marchesini”,

— hydraulic accumulator by “Epoll”,

— pressure relay — “Atos”,

— cartridge valves and mounting plates for them — "Luen",

— mounting plates for them — "Ponar",

— hand pump — “Badestnost”,

—  return filter, filler and visual-electric oil indicator of the manufacturer "MPFiltri".

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Watch potos of Power pack MI-1167