Hydraulic power unit МІ-1247

Hydraulic power unit МІ-1247 is actuates the brakes of electric locomotive.

A feature of the power unit: low-speed DC electric motor.

Power of electric engine: 4,5 kW.

Gear pump consumption: 8 l/min.

Working pressure: 20 MPa.

Volume of hydraulic tank: 90 l.


Showing the full process of hydraulic power unit production


Photo of hydraulic power unit МІ-1247


 The equipment from leading manufacturers:


— gear pump X2P4502 by "Vivoil";

— proportional pressure reducing valve RGZO from "Atos";

— bladder accumulator AS25 from "Epoll";

— safety unit UZAE10,

— pressure reducing valve UZCP10,

— сheck valves S10,

— relief valves UZPR6 and UZPS6,

— mounting manifolds 2ULRA10 and MOD10 from "Ponar";

— pressure filter FHP1352,

— return filters MPF1004,

— visual oil level indicator LVA20,

— filler cap TAP114,

— visual clogging indicators of the BVR filter elements and couplings from "MP Filtri";

— ball valves RS 2 and RS 3,

— throttle VRFB90 from "Oleodinamica Marchesini";

— bell housing for connecting a hydraulic pump and an electric motor from the "Motorimpex" Production Enterprise.


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