Hydraulic power unit MI-684 — test stand from Motorimpex

Hydraulic power unit MI-684 — test stand from Motorimpex

Power pack MI-684 is used as test stand for special equipment.

Our design department calculated and designed the hydraulic power unit, having only output parameters as selection of hydraulic equipment, configuration and ergonomics are developed individually for the project.

Starting from sending the project for metal cutting, the creation of a finished oil station by the Motorimpex Production Enterprise took 7 working days.

Pressure rating: 225 bar.

Tank volume: 100 liters.

Hydraulic components manufacturers:

— electromagnetic directional control valves and the safety unit of the accumulator from "Ponar",

— hydraulic accumulator from "Epoll",

— ball flow meter ZHM made by "KEM",

— manifolds and throttles — "Oleodinamica Marchesini",

— pressure and return filters, fillers and oil indicator from "MPFiltri",

— air heat exchanger "OMT",

— cartridge valves "Luen".

To order a hydraulic power station in any industry or consult with a hydraulic engineer, call and message us:

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