We are testing the automatic centralized lubrtication system of two granulators (ACLS)

Automatic centralized lubrication system (ACLS) delivers grease to the friction units of two independent objects.

Number of lubrication points: 2+2.

Maximum lubrication pressure: 250 bar.

Lubricant: NLGI2 oil.

Main ACLS details:

– Complete pump unit for the supply and distribution of grease (pneumatic barrel pump, barrel cover, pressure plate, level sensor);

– Distribution cabinet with a block for control, adjustment and control of ACLS parameters.

The system is connected to the lubrication points by high-pressure hoses, which are supplied.

The lubrication system can be activated automatically (remotely) from the control panel of equipment which is being lubricated.

Individually developed by the Motorimpex design bureau for the parameters necessary for the client and manufactured at the Motorimpex Production Enterprise.

In the design and production components from the Italian manufacturer "Dropsa" were used.

You can find more information about components on the Ukrainian website of the manufacturer ”Dropsa”.



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