Electrical connectors

Plug-in connectors Z4 Z4L Plug-in connectors Z4 Z4L


Product code: 833

Electric connectors Atos Electric connectors Atos


Product code: 1074

Electrical connectors 667 / M12 Electrical connectors 667 / M12


Product code: 1073

Electrical Connectors Hydac Electrical Connectors Hydac


Product code: 2871

Electrical connectors EC Electrical connectors EC


Product code: 1532

Electrical connectors

Electrical connectors in hydraulics are used to connect electromagnetically controlled hydraulic equipment, various relays and sensors to the control system of the entire unit or hydraulic system. When properly installed and connected, they guarantee watertight protection according to the EN60529 specifications.

General characteristics which you should pay attention:

  • dimensions;
  • operating frequency range;
  • contact insulation resistance;
  • electrical strength;
  • contact resistance;
  • contact pressure;
  • permissible voltage and current parameters;
  • number of contacts.