Rock breaker with our hydraulics going on into the battle with oversized

In the receiving hopper of the crusher, there is a constant struggle with oversized pieces from the quarry — rubble. These are pieces of rock that systematically try to stop the production process with the formation of traffic jams. For effective crushing of quarrystones, a special “rock breaker” installation is used, which is driven by a hydraulic drive. 

Rock breaker is a manipulator rotating on a turntable, and it has fixed hydraulic hammer on working body.

The hydraulic hammer splits the oversized rock mass to acceptable dimensions, which will pass the receiving hopper of the crusher.

Recently, the Ingulets Iron Ore dressing Works (Ingulets GOK) has joined the club of owners of rock breakers, ordering the implementation of the project from the Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod (NKMZ).

For the development and implementation of the rock breaker hydraulic system project, NKMZ management turned to a reliable partner, tested by many years of cooperation experience — the “Motorimpex” Group of Companies, which has repeatedly implemented projects and supplied hydraulic components for Metinvest Holding's enterprises.

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Project of a hydraulic system of a stationary rock breaker with a hydraulic hammer 
View of the hydraulic power unit MI-2301 under the skin
View of the hydraulic power unit MI-2301 under the skin
Hydraulic power unit MI-2301 in the skin by Motorimpex Production Enterprise