Hydraulic power unit MI-1388 — hydraulic drive for coco-extinguishing electric truck

Hydraulic power unit MI-1388 – hydraulic drive for coco-extinguishing electric truck

Hydraulic power unit MI-1388 drives the hydroficated mechanisms of a coco-extinguishing electric truck.

For convenient installation and connection of hydraulic power unit, we placed motor-pumped groups under the hydraulic tank and filters are on the cover.

— Pressure rating: 63 bar;

— Pump capacity: 42.5 cc/rev;

— Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 300 l;

— Power of electric motors: 15 kW.

"Motorimpex" Design Bureau and Production Enterprise developed and manufactured hydraulic power unit in 12 working days.

The production rate of the hydraulic station was ensured by the availability of the necessary equipment at the warehouse of the "Motorimpex" Trading Company:

— vane hydraulic pumps BG line from B&C,

— relief valve with unloading DBW10 and directional control valves 4WE10E from "Oleodinamica Mozioni",

— check valves VU ¾”, ball valves RS2 and manifold for DN10 from "Oleodinamica Marchesini",

— pressure filters HMM422 by "OMT",

— visual oil level indicator LVA20, filler TA80, bell housing and coupling "MP Filtri".

Hydraulic power units MI type are certificated and meet the requirements DSTU EN ISO 4413:2014.

The management system of the Motorimpex group of companies meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Working princeple:

When power is supplied to the electric motors, hydraulic pumps suck in the working fluid (WF) from the tank and receive it through check valves and a filter in the mounting plate. directional control valves, which are placed on a manifold, direct the working fluid to the actuators.

Relief valves of the pressure lines of each pump and motor group discharge the WF into the drain line when the nominal pressure is exceeded. And the check valves prevent the return of the WF back to the tank through the pump.

The station’s hydraulic tank communicates with the atmosphere through a filter breather in the filler neck. The filler neck is a glass made of mesh. From above it is closed by a cover in which an air filter element (breather) is located.

A visual indicator of the level of the working fluid is installed on the tank, with the help of which the necessary minimum and maximum level of WF is controlled.

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