Hydraulic system from "Motorimpex" at the "Nibulon Max" ship — we invite to the exhibition

Hydraulic system from


According to the Register of Shipping of Ukraine, Motorimpex complies with the requirements for the manufacture and conversion, modernization and repair of oil stations, hydraulic cylinders, filtration systems and high-pressure hoses installed on ships, and can also professionally install and maintain hydraulic systems of shipyards and manufactured ships (more details).

Having completed a number of projects for shipbuilding and continuing to work on new ones, as a partner we will participate  in the international exhibition "Shipbuilding and Water Transport-2019" for the third time, at the Nibulon shipbuilding and ship repairing plant in Nikolaev city.

For visitors and participants we will present the components used in the production of hydraulic systems, show off-the-shelf solutions and discuss new projects for shipbuilding and water transport.

You will see the hydraulic system developed by "Motorimpex" on the largest "Nibulon MAX", vessel built by the shipyard, a hydraulic station with an automatic control system, which drives the hydraulic cylinders to open and close the bilge hatches.

Everyone can climb aboard the first 140-meter self-propelled floating crane in Ukraine.

We are waiting for you on 20th and 21th September at our stand in the pavilion (at the entrance) of the Nibulon factory (Nikolaev, Cabotage descent, 2/1)


Маслостанции с автоматической системой управления, приводящие в движение гидроцилиндры для открытия и закрытия трюмных люков

Hydraulic power units with automatic control system, which actuate hydraulic cylinders for opening and closing bilge hatches.


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