Hydraulic power unit MI-2301 for rock breaker Hydraulic power unit MI-2301 for rock breaker


Product code: 6434

Motorimpex — order hydraulic equipment in Europe at the best price. Catalog of the Motorimpex Group

Since 1993, we have been carefully selecting the necessary hydraulic components and supplying them exclusively from Europe. Also, we design and manufacture power hydraulics that work reliably according to the individual technical assignment with the required initial parameters.

For our many years of work, we have selected the best, time-tested European manufacturers of hydraulics and offer you to familiarize with their products in our catalog!

Hydraulic сomponents that we supply is used by manufacturers of hydraulic lifts, road and utility equipment, tractor trailers, planters, manipulator cranes, turbines, military equipment, and many other manufacturers in various industries.

We already have a rather large list of implemented projects. With us, you can get a complex solution, which we implement due to the clear interaction of specialized structural parts.

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